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Parental engagement makes a significant difference to the educational outcomes of children and young people; parents have a key role in raising educational standards.  The more involved and engaged parents are in the education of their children the more likely their children are to succeed.

School is not just about learning and exams; there are a whole range of good things about being at school like building a good group of friends, finding after-school activities to enjoy, such as sport and drama, or going on school trips. School also help children find out how to get on with people from different ages and backgrounds.

Schools are increasingly conscious of the role which can be played by parents in raising achievement.  When schools, families and community work together to support learning, children tend to do better in school, stay in school longer and like school more.

Listed below are some ideas as to how can parents be involved?

  • Collaborate in children’s learning
    • know what your child/ren are learning
    • know how you can support your child/ren
    • understand how they are being taught
  • Become a parent governor
  • be involved in developing schools’ policies and practices; e.g. anti-bullying, school uniform
  • join or start a Parent Partnership, Parent Forum or Parent Council
  • join or start a PTA (Parent Teacher Associations)
  • be involved in volunteering e.g. reading schemes, help with transport, fundraising events
  • attend school events, activity and taster sessions  e.g. internet safety; links to the foundation phase, helping with homework; curriculum development; family learning groups
  • attend parent evening’s and Parent Information workshops designed to offer parents information on services and key tips about child development and the curriculum
  • support the PSE curriculum e.g. nutrition;  talking to your child about sex and relationships; respecting others; parenthood education
  • work opportunities in schools

For more information on supporting your child's schooling and their education information is available on a range of topics: school admissions, school holidays and training days, physical education and school sport, music services, examinations and boards, Welsh Education scheme, clothing grants and vouchers.

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Being interested in what your child is doing, and helping them enjoy their school life, will make all the difference to your child’s education. Praising what they do at school can really boost their confidence.

Tips on how to help your child do well at school:

  • Let your child know that you think school is important.
  • Ask questions about schoolwork, friends, lunchtimes and sports.
  • See that they attend school regularly and on time.
  • Set aside a time and place for homework.
  • Make sure they get enough sleep, and eat a proper breakfast.
  • Remind them to take in the right books and equipment each day.

Further information is available from websites such as

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